Travel deals in the Baltics and Scandinavia

Via Baltica Tours is the ideal solution for all who have decided that it’s time to travel the Baltics

With ten years of experience in the field and a broad and in-depth knowledge of the area, Via Baltica Tours provides the best level of tourism services for visitors traveling around the Baltic states.

Thanks to Via Baltica Tours the wonders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and their capitals, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, no longer have to remain a secret. All itineraries, excursions and visits are organized with experience and with the sole purpose toward which the Via Baltica Tours aims: always to make your holiday unforgettable in the Baltics.

So why not take a look at this site and build the trip of your dreams in the Baltics? Do you need to visit Riga, Tallinn or Vilnius for business reasons? Do you want to see the sights about which you have heard so much? Do you need to organize an incentive trips or an educational trip? Or do you want to travel to discover the culture pervading these lands?

You will not encounter any problems when contacting Via Baltica Tours. We organize tours for groups or individuals, and whatever the route you choose or the trip you require, you can be sure it will remain engraved in your mind – so much so that you’ll want to do it again soon.

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